Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan For CJA

The CJA is striving to be recognized by Sport Canada as the National Sporting Organization (the NSO) for jiu jitsu in Canada.

As the NSO we will govern all aspects of jiu jitsu in Canada, including:

- manage our high performance programs

- sanction national level competitions and tournaments

- provide professional development for coaches and officials

- propose and support bids for international competition in Canada

- provide standards for member promotions to higher ranks of shodan and above


Considering the above, the CJA will support the development of regional, provincial, and national tournaments in ne waza, fighting style and, duo/self defense. Eventually the regional and provincial tournaments will be used as qualifiers for the national event. 

The national event will be a qualifier for Team Canada. That is to say, high ranking competitors in each weight category will compete to earn their place on Team Canada and as such represent their country at international competitions such as, the JJIF World Championships. The top 2 competitors in each weight category will by considered by the Team Canada coaching staff.

These tournaments are to be held annually in their respective locations. 

The national tournament will rotate about the country respecting the nature of a large country.  


The CJA will support and host seminars for referee clinics and other officials in order to run the tournaments, above. 

The JJIF has licensed a number of Canadian officials. These officials will in turn run clinics to train and license other officials. 

Prerequisites for positions of coaching staff, referees and other officials will be developed. Included in that will be the requirements of black belt achievement, NCCP courses, first aid and CPR, police check, and Respect in Sport. Usually there is an expectation of past international event involvement as an athlete, as well. 

Long Term Athlete Development Plan


Being first a martial art, and second a sport, jiu jitsu has an imbedded development plan for all practitioners. The formal grading structure inherent in all martial arts also exists in jiu jitsu. In traditional japanese jiu jitsu, the belt levels are white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black belts. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the belt progression is white, blue, purple, brown and, black. Progression through the belt system is our athlete development plan. This progression takes place in the individual dojos or gyms. It is overseen by the sensei and coaches on a day by day basis. 

At black belt and above the promotion becomes more formal, often with a formal grading committee and strict testing format. 

For advanced competitors the preparation then falls to the coaching staff. Regular training sessions are arranged and athletes are expected to attend. The coaches communicate with the competitors' sensei or coach to express specific areas of improvement be it nutrition, injury treatment, techniques, or overall fitness levels.   

Self Funding:

The CJA should be self funding. PSO members will contribute $5. per member towards the NSO. As well, the Canadian National Championship tournament will be a huge fund raiser for the CJA. Preregistration for the national tournament will be transacted through the CJA paypal account. 

Strategic Plans

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